National Archaeological Museum Private Tour

By Onoufrios Dovletis
Licensed Tourist Guide

Perfect Tour

We have been to Athens, the Acropolis, and the Acropolis Museum several times before, but this time we took a tour with Onoufrios. It was fantastic. He does a wonderful job conveying the historical,
Archaeological, and linguistic importance of everything we saw. We loved It and couldn’t recommend him more. Will definitely be back to hire him for other tours.

by dina4, Nov 2019

Excellent Tour Guide

Four of us booked Onoufrios for a 3 day tour of Athens and surrounding areas. He is extremely knowledgeable and truly a fun person to spend time with. Be sure to book the Corinth Canal day which included super driver, George. He treated us like royalty! Look no further. This is the guide that you want. Check out Onoufrios' website.

by Michigan Tess, Nov 2019

Seen the best of Athens!

We hired Onoufrios for a private 1/2 day tour of the Acropolis and surrounding areas. He met us on time, and did an amazing job of keeping us away from the crowds while we toured. He was knowledgeable but more importantly, he was personable and so enthusiastic. Not only did he give us an excellent tour, he also suggested restaurants and other places to visit. Highly recommend!!

by 921rhondah, Nov 2019

Ancient Greece Comes Alive

Onoufrious' expert commentary made our day in Athens as much about the people of ancient Greece as the architecture. He had a special way of conveying visual details to help us understand and retain the historical timelines. We also did his Corinth, Mycenae, Epidaurus and Nafplio Private Tour, which augmented and reinforced what we learned in Athens. Since we had heard numerous times "This is a replica--the original is in Athens", we squeezed the National Archaeological Museum Private Tour in on our last day. He found many interesting artifacts in a rather stody museum. Highly recommended.

by Barbara L, Sep 2019


* You can't say you've seen Athens unless you've visited this amazing museum!

* With over 11,000 exhibits, it provides a panorama of the Greek civilization from the beginnings of Prehistory to Late Antiquity.

* We will also enjoy a drink while taking a break during the tour.

* In a total of 8,000 sq.m. (86,000 sq. ft), the NAM houses numerous important findings including:


Neolithic Art

Some of the museum's oldest artifacts are exhibited in this collection dating all the way back to the 6th mil. BC.


Cycladic Figurines

Plain and mysterious, these figurines (3rd mil. BC.) came from the Cycladic islands and influenced modern art some 5,000 years later...


Mycenean Art

With opulent artifacts such as the 'Mask of Agamemnon', this collection dates from the 2nd mil. BC., the time of the not-so-mythical Trojan War.


Santorini Paintings

From the largest volcanic eruption mankind has witnessed in the 17th cent. BC., which probably gave rise to the story of the Lost Atlantis...


Antikythera Mechanism

The world's earliest analogue computer, dating from the 2nd cent. BC, was used to predict astronomical positions and eclipses.


Greek sculptures

This brilliant collection shows the evolution of the sculptures that shaped western art, with some of the world's few surviving bronze statues.



Typical as well as unexpected vases and figurines from several periods and regions create the most stunning collection one could see in Greece.


300 Spartans

The 300 fearless men of King Leonidas stood against the Persian Empire sacrificing themselves for the freedom and glory of Greece. A small collection of findings attests the legendary battle of Thermopylae.


150 EUR

per group

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Additional Information

Tour Duration

2.5 - 3 hours

Meeting Location

National Archaeological Museum, ticket office



What’s Extra

Tickets. Drinks.

Ticket cost
  • Tickets: €12.
  • Reduced: €6, EU citizens over 65 years old (by showing their ID card/passport). Students of Universities non-EU countries (by showing their student ID card).
  • Free: visitors under 18 years old (by showing their I.D. or Passport), students from E.U. countries (by showing their University Card).


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made up to 7 days before a scheduled tour will be processed without a penalty.

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