Onoufrios Dovletis

Licensed Tourist Guide


1. My name is Onoufrios Dovletis and I am an Official Tour Guide licensed by the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

2. 'Onoufrios' (in Greek Ονούφριος) comes from Ancient Egyptian and means 'he who is always good'. It appears in several languages such as Humphrey in English etc.

3. A native Greek, I was born in 1985 in Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Northern Greece; not to be confused with the Slavic country that is wrongfully using the name Macedonia and has no connection to Greece and its history.

4. Athens has been my home since 1995, and what better place to study History and Archaeology, right? As a student, I used to do my homework in the peaceful site of the Agora and take part in excavations in the city. I love etymology so during my tours you will see that it is 'all Greek' to you!

5. My interest in languages also led me to extensive Translation Studies (Athens) with a Master's in Translation (Parma, Rome). Overall I’ve studied Greek (Modern, Ancient), Latin, English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Turkish, Russian and Arabic.

6. I have a great passion for the arts (surprise!) so I’ve also taken Writing and Acting classes (Athens, London, New York). I have acted in the theatre and short films, and in 2018 I published my first poetry collection titled Ένας νέος δίχως νέα (A young man with no news). My wish is to publish more of my writing, and act in film!

7. As someone who takes guiding seriously and has a profound love for Greece, I love giving tours to visitors who have a genuine interest to learn and also have a nice time. If you are not interested in art, history, politics (this is the country where that word was born) etc or if you are looking for someone to take you on a shopping/eating tour, please keep looking!

What they say about me

Onoufrios was an amazing guide! He is very knowledgeable with his subject, generous with his time and also has a great sense of humour. Some tour guides can be too uptight, serious and sterile, but Onoufrios brings a great balance in his approach and made the whole day fun.

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