Private Tours in Athens and Greece

Onoufrios Dovletis
Licensed Tourist Guide

Hi, I'm Onoufrios!

I am an Official Tourist Guide licensed by the Greek Ministry of Tourism. If you are looking for a private tour, it doesn’t get more private and personal than this, as I am not an agency but an individual guide. Keep in mind that only official guides are allowed to give tours. You can recognize us by the blue badge that we are required to wear.

Αθήνα (Athens) is where I do most of my tours. In ancient times, Greece's capital used to be pretty much the centre of.. everything! It was the birthplace of Democracy; home to philosophers, such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle; theatre was also born in this city-state and that's where most of the tragedies, such as Oedipus, where performed for the first time ever. This is indeed where 'Western Civilization' began!

You can visit its numerous museums (two of the world's most important ones: the National Archaeological Museum, the Acropolis Museum, ranked in the World Top 10), hills (Lycabettus, Pnyka, Philopappou), plenty of sites, cafés and restaurants in the old town (Plaka) or other modern areas in the centre or by the sea. Athens also has a great nightlife, a lot of beaches and it's very close to several islands!

So allow yourselves a few days here like a knowledgeable traveler would because...

Athens deserves it!


The tours can be customised according to your needs and interests to make your time in Athens as enjoyable and enlightening as possible!

Questions? I'm available 24/7/365.

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