The ones who really destroyed the Parthenon...

October 1, 2020

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It's 333 years ago, September 26 of 1687.

The Venetians are trying to take over from the Turks (Ottomans) the major Greek fortresses located near ports. (Oh I forgot to mention that the Turks had taken the Acropolis from the Italians who had taken it from the Greeks but then the Italians took it back and then the Turks took it back until eventually the Greeks took it from both of them!)

The Italians attack the Turks who at that time live inside the Acropolis. The Parthenon is used as a mosque but it's pretty much intact.

Under the command of Francesco Morosini and using canons, they blow up the Parthenon.

Morosini: 'liberator of Athens' (I mean seriously?)

Within a few hours, a temple that lasted over 2,000 years and numerous attacks and alterations was practically destroyed making it thus easier for the British to pillage its artifacts some 115 years later. We're talking about the marbles that are criminally called 'Elgin Marbles'. Sources say that Elgin didn't live in the 5th century BC so we can say with certainty that he never made them...

This is the guy I'm talking about: Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of Elgin

Let's not forget that trying to remove statues from the Parthenon, the Venetians dropped them (again, seriously?!) and finished what the explosion hadn't previously done. As seen in a drawing made by J.Carrey (don't make me say that it's not Jim Carrey...) only about 15 years before the explosion, most statues had survived until the1680s.

Last, the Venetians took the ancient Piraeus Lion which now stands at the Venetian Arsenal. St Mark's symbol is the lion, so whatever lion they found around Greece (for example on the island of Delos) was taken 'for the saint'. Of course Venice wasn't built in a day... it defininitely took years of pillaging. (snap!)

Left: Lion of Piraeus, far right: lion from Delos (the head was added later)

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