Coronavirus updates about Greece

June 24, 2020

By June 24th 2020 (when I made this post), it had taken Greece 4 months (from the first recorded case of February 26th) to reach roughly 3,300 cases, whereas the measures taken were (and are) among the strictest and have been credited internationally for having slowed the spread of the disease and having kept the number of deaths (191) among the lowest in Europe.

Two months later (August 26th), with the increase of tourism and the locals thinking that we are almost done with the virus (little did we know...), the cases reached almost 9,300 and the deaths were nearly 250.

On April 5th 2021, Greece was number 52 (out of 221 countries) regarding the number of total cases, whereas the world Top 10 was: USA, Brazil, India, France, Russia, UK, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Germany.

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